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Watch All of Season 1

If there's Italian food worth eating, Sal and Francis will track it down.

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Sal Basille and Francis Garcia are first cousins and best friends. Together they own some of the most successful pizza shops in New York City. The cousins are always on the search for the best food in town -- and not just pizza. Join in the fun as the cousins set off on a culinary adventure to find the greatest spots across the country. From mom and pop joints to legendary establishments, these Pizza Masters know good pizza and good food when they find it, and are always up for having a good time along the way.

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Recipes from the Show

Recipes from the Show

The cousins got the recipes for some of the best food in town -- and not just pizza. 

Eat Like a Pizza Master
Meet the Pizza Masters

Meet the Pizza Masters

The two pizza aficionados dish on running a pizza empire and the best slices in the world.

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Pizza Masters Location Guide

Pizza Masters
Location Guide

Sal and Francis are your tour guides for where to eat and what to see across the country. 

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Things to Make With Pizza Dough

Things to Make With Pizza Dough

Keep a ball of pizza dough in your freezer and irresistible meals are never far away. 

Start Rolling in the Dough


Miami Slice

Airing: 11:00 AM/10:00c

Francis Garcia and Sal Basille are in Miami for a charity golf tournament. While they don't know the first thing about...more

Recipes from episode:

Black Magic Pizza

Airing: 11:30 AM/10:30c

The mojo's rising as Francis Garcia and Sal Basille find themselves in New Orleans, where food comes first. The guys...more

Recipes from episode:

Miss Rhode Island Italia

Airing: 12:00 PM/11:00c

Francis Garcia and Sal Basille have been asked to help judge the Miss Rhode Island Italia pageant, held annually in...more

Recipes from episode:

Grandpa's Postcard

Airing: 12:30 PM/11:30c

Francis Garcia and Sal Basille set off to Key West, Fla., on a search for buried riches at the bottom of the sea, and...more

Recipes from episode:

Sal's Book of Poker

Airing: 1:00 PM/12:00c

Francis Garcia and Sal Basille hit up Atlantic City, where Fran wants to try his luck at the blackjack table and Sal...more

Recipes from episode:

Chillin' in Alaska

Airing: 1:30 PM/12:30c

Francis Garcia and Sal Basille take a break from the thick New York heat, and rent a lakeside cabin in Juneau, Alaska,...more

Recipes from episode:

Leave Me in St. Louis

Airing: 3:30 PM/2:30c

On their way to Las Vegas for a convention, Fran discovers that his cousin Sal, being the (ahem) "financially conscious"...more

Recipes from episode:


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