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7:00 AM

The Perfect 3


The Perfect 3: Sandwiches goes between the bread with recipes from Sunny Anderson, Emeril Lagasse, and Alex Guarnaschelli. Sunny Anderson prepares her own take on the cheesesteak, adding cilantro, and covering it with a smoky chipotle sauce. Emeril Lagasse perfects the tuna melt with brie, avocado, and basil. Alex Guarnaschelli constructs a succulent roast turkey sandwich on sourdough and stacked with bacon, apple, and a creamy dressing.Read More

7:30 AM

Unique Eats

Comfort Foods

We take you to some of the most unique eateries in New York City that are serving up their twist on comfort food staples. A rowdy meatball joint on the lower east side, a bustling restaurant serving knockout chicken and waffles in Brooklyn, an eco-friendly hot dog haven where the chef makes the condiments from scratch, and a burger and fries shack in the middle of the city that boasts lines down the block every day.Read More

8:00 AM

In this episode we meet two practitioners of unconventional diets. Artist Marc Dennis hosts dinner parties featuring dishes prepared with insects. Designer Stacey Jackson is a fruitarian who forages for fruit throughout Los Angeles.Read More

9:00 AM

Log On & Eat with Eden Grinshpan

Eat Like a Mermaid

Eden heads to Narragansett, R.I., and dives into the world of Gabe the Fishbabe, a blogger and fish monger who teaches Eden to eat like a mermaid by cooking up some unusual fish of the sea. Eden meets up with the classy online duo Men Who Dine, who believe that social media is an integral part of every meal. They treat her to a heavenly feast at one of New York's finest Italian restaurants, Osteria Morini's. Eden cooks crab rangoon with a top chef in Nashville, before partying down with his fabulous online alter-ego at Suzy Wong's House of Yum.Read More

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9:30 AM

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen

Girls' Night In

Invite your girl friends over because Bitchin' Kitchen is throwing a grrrls-only pajama party! G indulges us with a three-course menu starting with cocktails! G experiments with at-home molecular mixology, creating Sweet Basil Caviar in luscious Blood Orange Mojitos. The main course consists of creamy Gorgonzola and Portabella Mushroom Risotto. For dessert: Bacon Chocolate! G gossips about relationships, give us party tips and reveals some juicy gossip about Panos. The Spice Agent informs us on Algin and Calcium Gluconate and Panos talks bacon.Read More

10:00 AM

Brunch at Bobby's

SOBE Style

Bobby Flay is craving a taste of South Beach with this brunch menu. He's making a Spanish Tortilla With Chorizo, Piquillo Peppers and Garrotxa Cheese and serving Yucca Hash Browns With Bacon, Onion and Lime-Cilantro Mojo on the side. And it wouldn't be a South Beach brunch without a drink, so today Bobby's mixing up a Mojito Champagne Cocktail.Read More

10:30 AM

Cooking for Real

Tequila Sunrise

Rise, shine, fiesta -- then siesta! -- with Sunny's flavor-packed Breakfast Enchiladas With Red Sauce. Homemade Refried Beans and refreshing Tequila Sunrise Sangria help start the day off right.Read More

11:00 AM

Best in Chow

Taco Wars Phoenix

Cris Nannarone braves the desert heat in Phoenix, Arizona, all for the love of tacos. Will it be the "Taco Pescado" from Tacos Atoyac, the "Costilla Taco" from Milagro Grill or the "Conchinita Pibil" from Barrio Cafe? This taco-armageddon will bring the heat!Read More

11:30 AM

Best in Chow

Pizza Wars Calgary

Cris Nannarone bundles up for a freezing trip to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in search of some hot pizza. Will it be the "Stuzzichina" from Il Centro, the "Prosciutto E Rucola" from Pulcinella or "The Hutch" from Without Papers Pizza? Can Cris find the best pizza in Cowtown before he looses a toe to frostbite? Read More

12:00 PM

Kelsey's Essentials

Straight Out of Tokyo

Kelsey discovers the latest trend in Japanese cuisine with a visit to Yuji Haraguchi, and his unique approach to ramen. Yuji bucks all trends and uses "mazemaen" a dry ramen, and no broth. His blend of dry ramen combined with American favorites like egg, bacon or lox and cheese has Yuji Americanizing a Japanese favorite dish. Kelsey also visits Mimi and Coco who have reinvented a Japanese savory favorite by making Americanized teriyaki balls. She then heads back to her kitchen inspired and makes a roasted shrimp, corn and bacon ramen. And then it's a mouthwatering grilled hamachi collar with a ponzu dipping sauce.Read More

12:30 PM

Spice Goddess

From the Pantry

Bal Arneson shows how keeping a well-stocked pantry makes cooking great meals easy, like with spicy Cauliflower Pickles; crispy Refried Bean Pakoras with Cilantro Coconut Chutney; nutty Indian Fudge; and fruity Peach Lassi.Read More

1:00 PM

Forever Summer with Nigella


Nigella Lawson is back and if she has her way, it will be summer forever. In this series, Nigella cooks irresistible summery recipes that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Featuring food from around the globe, Nigella ventures out of the kitchen to give picnics, barbecues and beach food a touch of her inimitable culinary style. In each episode, Nigella's recipes reflect a different colour with some amazing and unexpected results. Read More

1:30 PM

Extra Virgin

Biker Bash

Debi surprises Gabrielle by wanting to learn how to cook pizza in the wood fire oven. After a couple of attempts she's throwing pizza like a pro and adds her own twist to pizza by creating a beautiful basil oil to garnish the wood fired snack. Then it's off to a special event - they've been invited as guests to the popular Los Angeles Motorcycle show and have decided to present a special lunch to event goers. Porchetta sandwiches AND caprese sandwiches, plus pasta primavera and a salad of chopped Romaine hearts with Salsa Verde.Read More

2:00 PM

Everyday Italian

Every month Giada and her friends get together to have fun, re-connect and, most importantly, eat great food. This month it's Giada's turn to host the festivities and she wants to keep it simple with some classic tastes. She makes Pork Milanese With Creamy Caper and Lemon Sauce; Grapefruit, Onion and Basil Salad; plus Ricotta Orange Pound Cake With Strawberries.Read More

2:30 PM

Everyday Italian

Giada's going to show you how to dress up some traditional steakhouse fare, giving them her unique Italian twists. She makes Rib-Eye Steak With Black Olive Vinaigrette, Baked Orzo With Fontina and Peas, Focaccia With Rosemary and Grapes and Citrus Semifreddo.Read More

3:00 PM

Brunch at Bobby's

Buon Appetito

Bobby fondly reminisces about his time spent in Italy as he comes up with an amazing brunch menu inspired by the flavors and food of the Italian Countryside. A sweet and savory Peach and Arugula Salad With Crispy Pancetta and Gorgonzola starts off the meal, followed by a Frittata with fresh Peppers, Onions and a Cherry Tomato Sauce. The meal wouldn't scream Italy if it didn't include gelato, so Bobby ends the meal with a Vanilla Gelato and Espresso Affogato, plus a Blood Orange Campari Prosecco Cocktail.Read More

3:30 PM

Brunch at Bobby's

Luck of the Irish

Bobby's recent trip to the Emerald Isle was clearly on his mind when he came up with his succulent and savory Irish-style brunch menu. He creates a bountiful family-style platter filled with some of Ireland's favorites -- Fried Eggs, Double Smoked Bacon, Crispy Sausage, Toasted Brown Irish Soda Bread, Cheesy Hash Browns, Roasted Veggies and a frothy Tea Latte to get your day started right.Read More

4:00 PM

Not My Mama's Meals

Southern to the Core

Bobby's Deen's mother, Paula Deen, stops by for some friendly cooking competition. Bobby's making lighter versions of his mother's Southern to the core foods. He starts with his Chicken Fried Chicken and then gets into a creamy Fresh Green Bean Casserole. Later, Paula and Bobby go head to head, Paula making her Banana Pudding and Bobby making his Light Banana Pudding. They head to the streets for a blind taste test to see whose banana pudding will reign supreme!Read More

4:30 PM

Not My Mama's Meals

New York, New York

Bobby Deen embraces his new home New York! He heads to a bagel shop to learn how to lighten up a classic N.Y. staple, bagels. Then, he's in the kitchen making the most delicious and nutritious Pressed Bagel Sandwich you've ever tasted! Next, he makes another iconic N.Y. dish, his Ricotta Cheesecake. His good friend and native New Yorker, Evette Rios, stops by to enjoy the food and fun!Read More

5:00 PM

Not My Mama's Meals

Say Cheese!

Bobby Deen visits his local cheese monger to learn about the tastiest, low calorie and low fat cheeses they have to offer to use on his cheese-inspired dishes. First up, he's making Crispy Mac and Cheese Cups then, it's a Cheesy Onion Artichoke Dip with a secret ingredient, caramelized onions! Bobby's good friend Daphne Oz drops by to impart some healthy wisdom and help out in the kitchen.Read More

5:30 PM

Not My Mama's Meals

Cajun Style!

Bobby Deen visits his friend Reagan Angelle to learn the secret to making the perfect Cajun spice blend to use on his Shrimp Po-Boys and Smokey Gumbo. He's adding all the flavor and none of the fat! Then, his neighbor Allison Hagendorf stops by to eat and help Bobby out with some Oyster Shooters with a horseradish kick! These spicy classics will sate your Creole cravings!Read More

6:00 PM

Spice of Life with Bal Arneson


Bal Arneson plans a family fishing trip and reveals the plan to her kids over a breakfast of homemade scones with a fresh Chai Berry Sauce. The kids are excited, but soon find out you not only need patience for fishing but also for the long journey to get to the fishing spot. Luckily, Bal is always prepared and to keep everyone's energy up she packs a satisfying lunch of Sweet Potatoes Samosas with Mango Chutney. After a long day on the river, Bal does what she knows best, cook up a delicious dinner of Coconut Milk Poached Spice Smoked Salmon for the family.Read More

6:30 PM

Throwdown with Bobby Flay


When Terri Wahl was tired of life on the road as the guitarist for the all-girl, punk rock band called The Red Aunts, she turned back to her first love - food. Terri put down her guitar, picked up a whisk, and today is chef and owner of Auntie Em's Kitchen in Eagle Rock, California. Auntie Em's is famous for its super-sized, super-moist, and super delicious cupcakes. Terri thinks the Food Network is filming her at the hipster club Echo Lounge, as she caters a CD release party with her rockin' Red Velvet Cupcakes. Little does she know that Chef Bobby Flay has been sweetening his own cupcake recipe on the sly. When he rolls up to the Echo, the tune is changed at the sweetest of all Throwdowns - the Cupcake challenge!Read More

7:00 PM

Unique Eats


These are places where the drink list may be long, but the dining is the real reason to visit. We meet the chef who brought the tradition of gastropubs over from England and experience her nose-to-tail cooking. Then, a gastropub that serves American favorites like hot dogs and tater tots, but this fare is far from the ordinary. Plus, a traditional German-style beer hall that boasts the best home-made charcuterie in town.Read More

7:30 PM


Wild, Wild West

Yee Haw! Saddle up, because on this episode of Unwrapped, we're taking a trip back to the old west. Visit a Wild West town in Illinois, see how whiskey is made and learn the jerky secrets to smoked meats. Next, see why huckleberries are so rare in these parts and visit a replica of an old fort for some authentic wild western cuisine. Finally, wake up with a traditional cup of cowboy coffee.Read More

11:30 PM

Dinner: Impossible

Robert & The Chocolate Factory

Robert heads to the Hershey West Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania to receive his mission. He must feed 150 factory workers, executives and guests a gourmet five-course plated dinner by 7pm incorporating chocolate into each course.Read More

3:30 AM

Dinner: Impossible

Robert & The Chocolate Factory

Robert heads to the Hershey West Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania to receive his mission. He must feed 150 factory workers, executives and guests a gourmet five-course plated dinner by 7pm incorporating chocolate into each course.Read More