Chef, baker and patissier Lorraine Pascale shares her secrets, passion and knowledge on baking sweet and savory recipes. Featuring old favorites as well as new twists on modern classics, and tips on helpful shortcuts, techniques and kitchen secrets for baking.
Season 1, Episode 1

So Easy

Lorraine Pascale is a brand new talent in the kitchen and she's shaking up baking in this first episode of her new series, Simply Baking. The show kicks off with a feat of baking engineering, Parmesan and poppy seed lollipops that are actually one of the simplest and fastest things you can bake. Then it's time for some insider know how as Lorraine goes through her baker's dozen of essentials kit. Then back to the kitchen for Soda Bread - no kneading, no rising, no effort - fresh bread doesn't get easier than this. Even classic French patisserie gets the easy treatment. Lorraine's Blueberry and Lemon Millefeuille are totally divine and full of incredible shortcuts. She's sharing her basic recipe for shortcrust pastry, which makes a fantastic case for a stunning Fig, Cream Cheese and Mint Tart. If you want to impress with baking, look no further than the "I Can't Believe You Made That!" Cake, It's chocolaty, stunning to look at, heavenly to eat and of course, so easy.

Jan 7
7am | 6c
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Jan 7
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Jan 7
8am | 7c
Season 1, Episode 4

Very Entertaining

Want stress-free and easy ideas for entertaining? Lorraine's got the answer. Take her Whiskey and Chilli Tiger Prawns; they're baked in the oven and ready in less than 30 minutes. A dinner party favourite gets the easy treatment, creamy Mascarpone and Ginger Creme Brulee is delicious and deeply satisfying. Lorraine's got the makings of a very chilled evening with Big Fat Salt and Pepper Breadsticks - perfect with tasty dips and a glass of wine. And a basic recipe for fabulous shortbread, great for sharing - or not! Time for a real savoury showstopper, Sticky Glazed Asian Ham always goes down a storm. So sit back and let the oven do the work - who said entertaining wasn't easy?

Jan 7
8:30am | 7:30c
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Jan 7
9am | 8c
Season 1, Episode 6

Time to Bake

When you have the time, why not indulge in a little leisurely baking? Especially when Lorraine has recipes to relax over. First Pumpkin and Rosemary Muffins which are good for breakfast, lunch, or any time at all. Macaroons may look unbelievably difficult to make, but really, they're just posh meringues, and Lorraine has a recipe to make them with ease. There's no denying it's quicker to order a pizza than to make one, but when you've got a bit of time, why not give it a go? Lorraine shares her fantastic recipe for basic pizza dough, and then incredible ideas to make your topping extra special: prosciutto, fig and mozzarella. Now that's got to be better than a take away.

Jan 7
9:30am | 8:30c

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