Episode 7

Episode: CCFHO-107H

47-year-old Alan, who suffers from painful and embarrassing bloating, gets more than he bargained for when consultant surgeon Shaw Somers reveals the shocking news that his body is more like that of a 62-year-old and that he has Metabolic Syndrome - a whole host of life threatening conditions from high blood pressure and cholesterol to full blown Type 2 Diabetes. If he is to increase his life chances, Alan is going to have to take immediate action implementing Dietitian Lucy Jones' tailor-made food plan, or he may have no choice but to go straight onto medication. Twenty-three-year-old Dawn's life is blighted by extremely bad breath. She's self-conscious with other people and rarely gets kissed on the lips by her man. Dawn is desperate to know what foods will help her banish her halitosis forever. Meanwhile, for another young woman called Steph, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has impacted normal life for the past 13 years. Can Lucy and GP Gio Miletto's experimental plan help cure a controversial illness that has no proven causes? Joan is in her fifties and has high blood pressure - a common condition that can be fatal. People of Afro-Carribean origin, like Joan, are far more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Joan has lost many in her family to the consequences of this condition and she's willing to do anything to avoid the same fate. In this week's 'The Truth About...' Dr Pixie McKenna talks to a top cancer expert, to find out what foods in our diets can influence cancer, both good and bad.




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