Episode 8

Episode: CCFHO-108H

47-year-old Clementine is in denial about her health but becomes emotional when Shaw Somers gives her the shocking news that her cholesterol levels are dangerously high. She is put on the scientifically-designed but challenging Portfolio diet, known to reduce cholesterol - for those who can stick at it. Twenty-four-year-old year-old Laura has IBS and her wind is so bad it has previously led to her being hospitalised. The Food Hospital experts offer her a lifeline in the form of the pioneering Low FODMAP diet, which could have radical implications for those suffering from a condition that affects one in five of us. Julie is a sporty young woman but once a month her life becomes practically unbearable as she suffers with extreme PMS. After incorrectly diagnosing herself with an intolerance, Julie meets Gio, who discovers the food she has cut out could be the one that could most help her symptoms. Thirty-two-year-old year old Ian lives life to the full and does his best to look after his body, but Lucy and Gio investigate if his extreme raw food diet be doing him damage on the inside. And Dr Pixie McKenna examines how we can evaluate whether health headlines in the news are worth heeding or not.




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