episode title episode number
Holidays Unwrapped CCUWP-SP13F
Sweet Stuff Unwrapped CCUWP-SP14F
Cookies Unwrapped CCUWP-SP15F
Weddings Unwrapped CCUWP-SP16F
All American Eats CCUWP-SP18FH
Snacks Unwrapped CCUWP-SP19F
Munchies Unwrapped CCUWP-SP20F
Road Foods Unwrapped CCUWP-SP22F
Turkey and Trimmings CCUWP-SP27FH
Game Day Goodies CCUWP-SP28FH
Comfy Cozy CCUWP-SP29FH
Easter Unwrapped CCUWP-SP2F
Super Summer Snacks CCUWP-SP31FH
Holiday Helpings CCUWP-SP32FH
BBQ Unwrapped CCUWP-SP3F
Ice Cream Unwrapped CCUWP-SP5F


episode title episode number

Season 22

episode title episode number
I'm Stuffed CCUWP-2201FH
Midnight Munchies CCUWP-2202FH
Hot & Spicy CCUWP-2203FH
Zoo Foods CCUWP-2204FH
Disney Delights CCUWP-2205FH
Happy Birthday CCUWP-2206FH
Galactic Goodies CCUWP-2207FH
Supersized CCUWP-2208FH
Food Physiology CCUWP-2209FH
Cookie Jar CCUWP-2210FH
Half & Half CCUWP-2211FH
Sandwiched CCUWP-2212FH

Season 21

episode title episode number
Deli CCUWP-2101FH
Citrus Sensations CCUWP-2102FH
Feel-Good Foods CCUWP-2103FH
Crazy Containers CCUWP-2104FH
Munchy Crunchy CCUWP-2105FH
21st Century Chocolate CCUWP-2106FH
Tubular Treats CCUWP-2107FH
Wild & Crazy Candy CCUWP-2108FH
At the Movies CCUWP-2109FH
American Classics CCUWP-2110FH
Brunchables CCUWP-2111FH
Rainbow Foods CCUWP-2112FH
Fire It Up CCUWP-2113FH

Season 20

episode title episode number
Toasted CCUWP-2001FH
Bacon CCUWP-2002FH
Donuts CCUWP-2003FH
Honey CCUWP-2004FH
Candy Counter CCUWP-2005FH
Marshmallow CCUWP-2006FH
Famous Foods CCUWP-2007FH
Ice Cream Dreams CCUWP-2008FH
Big Chill CCUWP-2009FH
Budget Bites CCUWP-2012FH
Black and White CCUWP-2013FH

Season 19

episode title episode number
Picnic Basket CCUWP-1902FH
BBQ Bonanza CCUWP-1903FH
Carnival Treats CCUWP-1904FH
Mini Munchies CCUWP-1905FH
Blue Foods CCUWP-1906FH
Deep Fried CCUWP-1907FH
Fall Favorites CCUWP-1908FH
Tailgating Goodies CCUWP-1909FH
Get Comfy CCUWP-1910FH
Lots of Chocolate CCUWP-1911FH
Fun Drinks CCUWP-1912FH
Diner Delights CCUWP-1913FH

Season 18

episode title episode number
Dip It CCUWP-1801FH
Chocolohic CCUWP-1802FH
Movie Munchies CCUWP-1803FH
Breakfast Buffet CCUWP-1804FH
Delicious Duos CCUWP-1805FH
Red Hot CCUWP-1806FH
Peanut Butter Bites CCUWP-1807FH
Party Bites CCUWP-1808FH
Go Nuts CCUWP-1809FH
Candy Bar Bonanza CCUWP-1810FH
Oodles of Noodles CCUWP-1811FH
Salty CCUWP-1812FH
Pop! CCUWP-1813FH

Season 17

episode title episode number
Fan Fare CCUWP-1701FH
Fan Fare CCUWP-1701H
Top Dog CCUWP-1702FH
Top Dog CCUWP-1702H
Old School CCUWP-1703FH
Old School CCUWP-1703H
Twisted Treats CCUWP-1704FH
Twisted Treats CCUWP-1704H
Cozy Cuisine CCUWP-1705FH
Cozy Cuisine CCUWP-1705H
Lolli-Palooza CCUWP-1706FH
Lolli-Palooza CCUWP-1706H
Can It CCUWP-1707FH
Can It CCUWP-1707H
Cereal Aisle CCUWP-1708FH
Cereal Aisle CCUWP-1708H
Chip Addiction CCUWP-1709FH
Chip Addiction CCUWP-1709H
Cheese Please CCUWP-1710FH
Cheese Please CCUWP-1710H
On a Roll CCUWP-1711FH
Pucker Up CCUWP-1712FH
Deep Freeze CCUWP-1713FH

Season 16

episode title episode number
Made in the USA CCUWP-1601FH
Grapeful CCUWP-1602FH
Roughing It CCUWP-1603FH
Sweet & Salty CCUWP-1604FH
Mintastic CCUWP-1605FH
Fizzy CCUWP-1606FH
Cherry CCUWP-1607FH
Sweet as Sugar CCUWP-1608FH
All About Orange CCUWP-1609FH
Comfort Foods CCUWP-1610FH
Gargantuan Goodies CCUWP-1611FH
Easy as Pie CCUWP-1612FH
Down South CCUWP-1613FH

Season 15

episode title episode number
Ice Cream CCUWP-1501FH
Chewrific CCUWP-1502FH
Crazy For Cookies CCUWP-1503FH
Caffeinated CCUWP-1504FH
Good For You CCUWP-1505FH
Pizza-Rama CCUWP-1506FH
Apple CCUWP-1507FH
Hamburgers CCUWP-1508FH
On the Go CCUWP-1509FH
Cake Walk CCUWP-1510FH
Chicago CCUWP-1511FH
Full of Flavor CCUWP-1512FH
Very Bery CCUWP-1513FH

Season 14

episode title episode number
Frosty CCUWP-1401FH
Shake it Up CCUWP-1402FH
Delectable Delights CCUWP-1403FH
Couch Potato CCUWP-1404FH
Wake Up CCUWP-1405FH
Food Machines CCUWP-1406FH
Candy Cravings CCUWP-1407FH
Lone Star Snacks CCUWP-1408FH
Garlic Goodies CCUWP-1409FH
Sweet Imitations CCUWP-1410FH
Food Magic CCUWP-1411FH
Food Innovations CCUWP-1412FH
Street Snacks CCUWP-1413FH

Season 13

episode title episode number
The Big Apple CCUWP-1301FH
Spreadable Edibles CCUWP-1302FH
Outdoor Cooking CCUWP-1303FH
Fruitful CCUWP-1304FH
Wild, Wild West CCUWP-1305FH
Atomic CCUWP-1306FH
Cocktail Culture CCUWP-1307FH
Tourist Treats CCUWP-1308FH
Eating Las Vegas CCUWP-1309FH
Chocolate Creations CCUWP-1310FH
The Inedibles CCUWP-1311FH
Sack Lunch CCUWP-1312FH
Greetings From L.A. CCUWP-1313FH

Season 12

episode title episode number
Turkey Day CCUWP-1212F
Christmas Cookies CCUWP-1213F



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