Welcome to Cooking Channel, Food2 Fans

Hey Food2 Fans: Welcome to Cooking Channel! Recipes, adult beverages, pop culture, junk food, inappropriate food videos, weekend baking projects, weird stuff in jars -- it's all still here.

Howdy -- we've been waiting for you. Like Food2, you can access a world of food and adult beverages here with a healthy shot of pop culture -- plus familiar Food2 faces. Beyond that, we promise a whole lot more.  Start here with Cooking Channel.

Want a Tour? 6 Quick Hits to Try:

1) Alie & Georgia Class It Up
Love Drinks With Alie & Georgia? (who doesn't love a good Red Velvet Cupcake Cocktail?), you'll want to check out their new series: Classy Ladies.  Milking cows in Mad Men-inspired dresses, battling bees, signature drinks -- it's all there.

2) Kelsey Nixon is Still Essential
After Kelsey paired with Top Chef's Spike Mendelsohn on Kelsey & Spike Cook, she got her own on-air show.  Catch Kelsey's Essentials for amazing bulletproof recipes and key techniques that every cook needs to know.

3) Ben Sargent Will Hook You
The infamous Dr. Klaw stopped slinging underground lobster rolls to host his own seafood show for Cooking Channel. Watch Hook, Line and Dinner, as Ben crosses the country in a vintage motorcyle; taking a deep dive into sustainable seafood.

4) Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen, Yo
Need that perfect menu for a brutal breakup? Ever find yourself in the kitchen rocking D&G gold pumps? Need a good recipe to bag a hottie?  Nadia G is your girl.  Get her Bitchin' sitch here.

5) Devour the Blog!
Miss the Food2 blog? Cooking Channel's blog, Devour won't disappoint.

6) Reach Out and Touch Us
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