Dan Pashman and his band of research assistants discover new and inventive ways to eat pizza, wings, falafel and more, making snacking a cleaner, more efficient or more enjoyable experience. 

Eat Through Summer Better

You're Eating Corn Wrong

You're Eating
Corn Wrong

Corn on the cob sucks. What doesn't get stuck on the cob gets stuck in your teeth. We can do better.

Stalk Up On Corn Tips | Recipe
You're Eating S'mores Wrong

You're Eating
S'mores Wrong

When you bite into a graham cracker, it falls apart. Dan builds a better s'more.

The S'more You Know | Recipe
You're Eating Salad Wrong

You're Eating
Salad Wrong

Salads come in many shapes, but getting the right ratios on your fork isn't always easy.

Take a Stab at Better Salad | Recipe
You're Eating Hot Dogs Wrong

You're Eating
Hot Dogs Wrong

Too often the dog gets dragged down by bad buns and overbearing condiments.

Become Top Dog
You're Eating Ice Cream Wrong

You're Eating Ice Cream Wrong

Ice cream cones are a 19th century technology begging for an update.

Get the Inside Scoop
You're Eating Watermelon Wrong

You're Eating Watermelon Wrong

Watch how to get less watermelon on your face and more in your stomach.

The Way You Eat Watermlon is Pitful

More Eating 101

You're Eating Nachos Wrong

You're Eating Nachos Wrong

As a shared food, nachos must be ethical, moral and delicious.

Analyze the Pile
You're Eating Wings Wrong

You're Eating Wings Wrong

Competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti has taken down 125 chicken wings in 10 minutes.

Learn His Secrets
You're Eating Falafel Wrong

You're Eating Falafel Wrong

Falafel balls produce pockets of space inside the pita and you end up with bites with no falafel.

Falafel, Improved
You're Eating Pizza Wrong

You're Eating Pizza Wrong

Let's talk about the best ways to get pizza from your plate to your belly.

Polish Off Pizza Perfectly

Good to Know

More Food Hacks from Dan

More Food Hacks from Dan

Learn how to turn leftover Chinese into Italian, save ruined recipes and much more.

Watch Good to Know

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