Tasting: Unique Eats

By: Mark Levine
Unique Eats - Cooking Channel

You loved the vacation but you still can't get that one restaurant out of your mind. You found it completely by chance -- totally unplanned. It was just different;  so extreme, so cool and revolutionary...YOU should have thought it up.

Cooking Channel's new series, Unique Eats knows those places too and is willing to spill. Whether a perfect neighborhood dive or covert supper club with no fixed address, Unique Eats has a bead on the restaurants you just have to know.

While you're waiting for May 31st, check out these Unique Eats shots..

Any idea where we were last?

Unique Eats #1
Unique Eats - Whole Hog

Unique Eats #2
Unique Eats - Get. There. Early.

Unique Eats #3
Unique Eats - Great view, better...
What extreme - amazing - revolutionary restaurant should Unique Eats explore next?

Catch Unique Eats on Cooking Channel, beginning May 31st.

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