Ice Cream Truck Hits the ATL

By: Sara Levine
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Hey, Atlanta! The Cooking Channel ice cream truck is coming your way. We’ll be scooping Jake’s ice cream at the East Lake Farmers Market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. tomorrow. Roger Mooking, the lovable, musical host of Everyday Exotic, will be chowing down and chilling out too.

No flavor report just yet, but as a former Atlantan, I know that it’s tough to make a bad choice at Jake’s. This place has nine different chocolate varieties, tons of fresh fruit sorbets, and creative concoctions like Peanut Butter and Jammy (swirled with peanut butter, raspberry preserves and graham crackers). My favorite!

Our Facebook fans have some awesome ice cream flavor ideas of their own, and it seems like everyone is churning homemade ice cream this summer. I’m dying to try Sarah’s popcorn ice cream with caramel swirl and candied peanuts or Christina's pineapple-mint sorbet.

Check out some more tasty scenes from our Boston stop, and if you’re in the Atlanta area tomorrow, swing by! If you're not...check our full ice cream tour schedule to see when the truck might be coming your way.

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