Pix Potluck — More Doughnuts!

By: Frank Samperi
Katalin Eisenberg's Bauernkrapfen doughnuts

Apparently we're not the only ones crazy about these deep-fried delights—so are all of you. You might remember a previous post where we called out Chef Michele's Amber Ale Donuts. This newest contribution was shared by Katalin Eisenberg on our Facebook wall. Thanks Katalin!

She writes that they are bauernkrapfen, or Hungarian/Austrian yeast doughnuts. Our research revealed that they are simple pastries made from milk, eggs, butter, flour, yeast, and a little sugar and salt, formed into halves and then joined together with a filling, sweet or savory.

Sounds delicious.

Have a recipe for bauernkrapfen or another international variation on the doughnut that you can share with Cooking Channel?


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