Caption It: Iron Chef Japan

By: Sara Levine

What’s lovely judge and actress Mayuko Takata sharing about the lamb she just sampled? Get creative and give us your best caption for this IC moment in the comments below. We’ll post our faves in a gallery of Iron Chef Japan classics.

Want to know what the judges ( or more specifically, their Godzilla Movie-esque voice overs) really had to say about the dish? Catch Iron Chef Japan: Battle Lamb tonight at 11p ET./10p C.

***UPDATE: Our winning caption, as of 5p ET, comes from redroundorgreen:

“It's so...(*giggle*) surprising. Like an explosion on the tongue. (*Giggle*) I taste springtime. And running deer. And moonbeams! (*Giggle*) Very, very good."

Redroundorgreen, you truly (and hilariously) captured the "voice" of Iron Chef Japan's female voice-over. Congrats!

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