Discovering: My Life in Food

By: Frank Samperi
Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn, NY

Food isn't just something we eat. It's a shared experience that brings us together. A meal can be the centerpiece of a family holiday celebration or special occasion, or the comfort we seek when we need a little boost. For some people, food has taken on a much larger role in their lives, whether by choice or not. My Life in Food is a new Cooking Channel series debuting Friday, September 10 that takes a look at individuals whose lives have been in some way transformed through food.

One of those stories is New York City resident Annie Novak who built a fully functioning 6,000 square foot organic farm on a warehouse rooftop in Brooklyn, NY with co-founder Ben Flanner. The farm grows mustards, lettuces, radishes, kale, peas, herbs and other seasonal varieties. The produce feeds members of its community-supported agriculture program, local restaurants and farmers markets. My Life in Food tells Annie's story in "Up on the Roof."


Millions of Americans are affected by allergies to dairy, wheat, nuts and other food allergies. For these people, ordering food in a restaurant can be a nightmare. Preparing all of their own meals is the only way to ensure they don't accidentally ingest something that could make them very sick, or in extreme cases prove fatal. Some of these individuals have opened their own restaurants or started food lines tailored to people with food allergies. Join My Life in Food for their story.

Chefs have been the biggest stars of the food world, making a livelihood of cooking tasty food that people will want to eat again and again. But what about the other fascinating stories of working in food, such as the hundreds of food photographers and stylists that create the great shots that fill our food magazines, websites, TV shows and commercials? They work under pressure to keep food looking fresh and appetizing under the strain of aggressive shoot schedules and hot set lights. Go behind the scenes of a food photo shoot and see how these professionals work.


See these stories and more on My Life in Food, beginning Friday, 9:30pm ET September 10.

Learn more about My Life in Food. Do you have a story of how food has transformed your life? Share your story here.


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