Pix Potluck: Fresh Berry Pavlova

By: Mark Levine
Pix Potluck:  Mixed Berry Pavlova with Lemon Curd - Elisabeth Panettiere Palatiello

It's still summer, kids, and blueberries could not be sweeter.  If you've already made the pie, poured on the cream, dressed up the cereal and hit your blueberry hill, fear not.  Facebooker Elisabeth shared a sinful sanctuary for your best berries...

This Pix Potluck embraces Pav [Pavlova] -- the utterly decadent meringue creation from Down Under by way of New Zealand -- though Aussies may toss me on the barbie for that assertion.

Regardless, Facebook Food Person, Elisabeth Panettiere Palatiello, has made it her own with mounds of creamy, rich lemon curd and a blueberry - blackberry finish that's bursting with juice.  Congrats, Elisabeth!  Amazing.

Have a great photo for Pix Potluck? Share it on our Cooking Channel Facebook page.  If you're nice, maybe Elisabeth will share her Pav recipe with you.  Check out previous Pix Potluck picks here.

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What have you been doing with blueberries?


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