Unique Eats: Upping The Adventure

By: Mark Levine

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The latest installation of Unique Eats tackles a category that will sift out the hardcore food people from fair weather diners -- extreme culinary adventure...

Though a host of amazing and unique eats are featured, one underground supper club in Chicago will catch your eye. X-marx Chicago is a covert dining club committed to the exploration of food and flavor while developing bonds between diners. When you see the ingredients below, it will become clearer how strong bonds and lasting stories might be forged.

X-marx constantly seeks to balance out the fresh and most seasonal ingredients with a desire to take eaters on a wild journey of the senses...  The driving mission manifests itself in a variety of ingredients:

Though versatile, quail eggs are perfect toppers to Korean Elk Tartare a la Fuddrucker.

If you are craving something off the beaten path (that still tastes like chicken):

These delicate noodles are hand-rolled and handmade for dozens of underground diners:

Or you can opt for the salad with brains and a little bit of fish:

Fresh seafood fans -- Check out this Grouper Stuffed with Pork Belly.  Unreal!

Check out the latest Unique Eats -- Adventure -- Monday, August 2nd at 10:30pm ET.  Get the full scoop on everything Unique Eats here.

Would you seek out a world-class dinner featuring the ingredients from above? Where do you stand on Duck Tongue Tacos, Frog Legs, Quail Eggs and Salad with Brains.   Let us know below...

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