FourCoursemen Special: RSVP Now

By: Mark Levine

Six Friends.  Five Courses.  Good at food.  Bad at math.  They are  The FourCoursemen.  A mix of self-taught gourmets and rising young stars with a commitment to using local and sustainable ingredients.  For those lucky enough to experience their unexpected creations, it's a magical menu served up in seclusion on a side street in Athens, Georgia.  Here's the deal...

Cooking Channel stumbled across this unique five-course culinary experience, though the initiated have known about this Athens-based treasure for five years now.  Can you really beat a bunch of best buds turning out show-stopping food and having a great time in the process?

We're joining their crew for a special over three days as they take to the road to plan a menu and gather ingredients from the best producers and farmers across  Georgia. The goal: prepare a fresh, seasonal meal comprised of one-of-a-kind dishes for twenty-four strangers.

Try a little taste of the trip:
Cast of Characters -- for those keeping score:
  • Damien -- Co-founding epicure who designed and built the house it all started in
  • Randolph -- The other co-founder and a food / wine enthusiast
  • Patrick -- Met the first two while cooking at The Grit (hot Athens vegetarian restaurant)
  • Eddie -- Joined the mix, lending his pastry chef skills into the burgeoning mix -- dessert!!
  • Matt -- A head chef at another hot restaurant entered the fray
  • Nancy -- Rounded out the team with her uncanny wine and food pairing talents

And just wait until they get to the Schnapps...  Don't forget to catch it all on Cooking:

Watch The FourCoursemen on Cooking Channel -- Monday, Nov. 22nd at 9pm ET.

Cooking Channel Related:

**  Black and white still of FourCoursemen -- Credit:  Marisu Wehrenberg, **

What's the best thing / night / event / potluck you get into involving food and friends?
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