Cookie #7: Ching's Chocolate Sesame Balls

By: Melanie Rehak
12 Days of Cookies

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Ching-He Huang from Chinese Food Made Easy loves cooking with the flavor of sesame, and incorporated it into a very special holiday cookie just for you. Her Chocolate Sesame Balls might just be the coolest international cookie you bake all season.

Each one is coated with an outer layer of crackly, golden sesame seeds, hiding the reserve of luscious dark chocolate that lurks inside. One bite and all its glorious goodness is revealed.

12 Days of Cookies:

Have you made sweets with sesame seeds before?

Melanie Rehak, author of Eating for Beginners, has been baking cookies since she was old enough to climb onto the kitchen stool. She's partial to Zimtsterne—cinnamon stars—for the holidays, but loves most cookies all year long.


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