Top Shows of 2010

By: Frank Samperi

Help us celebrate the end of 2010 with a round-up of all your Cooking Channel favorites. This week we're looking back at the shows, recipes, foods and photos you loved the most.

Most-Visited Show Online:  French Food at Home

Laura Calder's fans weren't shy in showing their love for her easy-going demystification of French cuisine, with an overwhelming number of visits to her show, her recipes, and her videos online. With wonderfuly comforting dishes such as Pommes de Terre à la Boulangère and her Easy Pastry-Shop Apple Tart, it's no surprise that she's a favorite.

#2. Spice Goddess

Cooking Channel fans showed just how much there were  hungry for more by leaping into Bal's world of exceptionally spiced cooking.

#3. Everyday Italian

Italian is one of America's favorite cuisines, and Giada's classic recipes satisfy again and again.

#4. Everyday Exotic

You wanted to tap into new and exotic flavors? Roger Mooking is your guide! Roger's most popular:  Curried Mac and Cheese.

#5. Chinese Food Made Easy

Ching's recipes taste  even better than what you can pick up at a restaurant. Her Chicken Chow Mein was the top recipe of 2010!

#6. Chuck's Day Off

Chuck Hughes showed off his big personality with equally big restaurant dishes you wanted to try at home. Surprise fave: Chicken Nuggets.

#7. Indian Food Made Easy

The heat, the spices, the flavors—Anjum guided us through all the wondeful nuances of Indian cooking in her hit show.

#8. Rachael Ray's Week in a Day

Only Rachael could pull off five days' worth of meals in one weekend afternoon. Her new recipes haven't stopped climbing the charts!

#9. David Rocco's Dolce Vita

Was it the authentic Italian cooking, or an authentically charmed Italian life that drew David's fans in this year? You tell us!

#10. Unique Eats

Fans couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the one-of-a-kind food finds on Unique Eats. An all-new season keeps it coming!

Were these your Top 10 Shows for the year? Which one's your fave?

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