Award-Winning Party Snacks for the Golden Globes

By: Michelle Buffardi
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Awards show season is in full swing, which means you'll be forced to update your Netflix queue with all of the great movies you haven't seen yet, and more importantly, you have plenty of opportunity to host and attend award show-viewing parties.  For the ultimate Golden Globes-viewing party spread this Sunday, make some traditional in-front-of-the-TV snacks (like Ellie Krieger's Cracked Pepper Chips With Onion Dip, pictured above), or get a little bit cute with some nominee-themed dishes.

Movie-lovers will go . . . nuts for Ellie's Spiced Almonds. These get the Easiest to Make award, plus, you can sprinkle the leftovers, if there are any, on a salad the next day.

The award for Best Performance by Sauce and Cheese in a Handheld Snack goes to: Giada DeLaurentiis' Pizza Pockets!

When the votes were tallied for Best Use of Bread in an Appetizer, it was a close call between Mario Batali's Mixed Crostini, and Emeril Lagasse's Crostini alla Mozzarella, but in the end, Mario's Crostini took the title.

Nominated in two categories: Meatiest and Best Three-Bite Party Food, we have Aida Mollenkamp's Swiss Cheeseburger Sliders.

Nominated for Best I-Can-Eat-This-And-Still-Squeeze-Into-My-Red-Carpet-Dress Snack: Aida Mollenkamp's Cucumber-Dill Yogurt Dip.

In the category of Best Dessert That Looks Like a Game, Ingrid Hoffman's Domino Brownies came out on top.

Want to make some TV and movie-themed fare to go with your more traditional snacks? Try:

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