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Rachael Ray's Meat-less Chili

Cold weather calls for a hot bowl of soup. And there's nothing quite as satisfying as chili. Whether you're a chili purist (focused on heat+meat), a vegetarian (it's all about the beans), or an all-inclusive lover of the dish, we've got just the right recipe for you.

Rachael's Meaty, Meat-less Chili (pictured above)

Start the new year off right with a meatless take on chili. Simply sub the chicken stock for vegetable stock to make this version vegetarian.

Texas Chili

Authentic Texas Chili
Emeril's Turkey and White Bean Chili
Emeril's Turkey and Bean Soup
Slow-Cooker Cincinnati Chili
Cincinnati Chili
Rachael Ray's Argentine Chili with Chimichurri
Argentine Chili with Chimichurri Sauce

Pork Green Chile Stew

Green Chile Recipe
Chili in a Biscuit Bowl
Chili in Biscuits from Paula Deen
White Chicken Chili Stew
White Chicken  Chili Stew
Sausage Chili
Emeril's Sausage Chili
Meaty, bean-y, with tomatoes or do you take your chili?

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Meatless Monday: Meatless Chili

Rachael Ray's chili is hearty, comforting and filling, even though it's made without meat.

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