Fill Up on Hungry Girl

By: Frank Samperi
Getting tired of the resolutions you made only a couple week ago? Can’t get no satisfaction while watching your waistline?

Hungry Girl hears you, and wants to share her delicious, calorie-conscious recipes specifically created to fill you up, today at 4pm ET/ 3pm CT.

Better yet, Hungry Girl shares all kinds of tips for bulking up frozen foods to get the most from your meal, plus great, filling snacks to buy at the grocery store so you can fill up without filling out.

Special guest Joey "Jaws" Chestnutputs aside any doubts that Lisa's recipes are filling. The #1 competitive eater in the world, he once ate 47 grilled-cheese sandwiches in 10 minutes! If Hungry Girl can fill Joey up, she can fill you up. It all happens today, 4pm ET/ 3pm CT.

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