New Year's (Food) Resolutions

By: Michelle Buffardi

You know the drill: new year, new you. The gyms fill up with new members vowing to sweat off their excess heft, everyone orders salads for a few weeks and goes on home and office-cleaning rampages to purge the leftover holidays sweets. It's great if you're planning on dieting in 2011, but we wanted to know about your other food goals for the new year, so we asked you on Twitter to share your new years food resolutions, aside from eating healthier. Here are some of our favorites:

@xmusina try out some new vegan recipes! Was very inspired by the veg edge special!

@heed81 to cook with more fresh ingredients and to plant an herb/vegetable garden in the spring!

@Cookergurl lots of Mediterranean dishes and maybe throw in some Asian flavors.

@ChicontheStreet to try one new recipe a week and no more processed foods in my diet.

@FusilliAmy try 5 new things every week and waste less.

@chefvandenberg I want to make a Turducken!

@TweetingHeather to eat more organic, local foods and to ditch the supermarkets and head for the farmers market!

@eatingmadeeasy Cook dry beans instead of using canned.

@bungalowchef To share heirloom recipes with family and friends!

@lovecreekmama To be more adventurist in my own cooking.

@LazyWoman More dinner parties = more excuses to design new creative scruptious menus.

We're inspired and hope you are too! Keep sharing your 2011 plans here and on Twitter.

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