Sunday Funday Football Fare

By: Sara Levine

It’s a big weekend for football fans, especially for those in New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Green Bay. The Jets and Steelers face off in the AFC Championship, while the Bears and Packers battle it out for the NFC title — the winners, of course, get a ticket to the Super Bowl on February 6.

Both matchups will take place this Sunday, so a hearty game-day spread is in order as you settle in on the couch for a double-header. Even if your team got knocked out already, get into the spirit and give your football-watching snacks some regional inspiration.

Will it be pizza town vs. pizza town for Super Bowl XLV? If the Jets and Bears emerge victorious in their respective games, we could face a serious showdown for pizza supremacy: New York thin-crust vs. Chicago deep dish.

Top Picks for New York Jets Fans:

New York Breakfast (Miniature versions of these open-faced sandwiches would make a fun snack)

Pittsburgh's most famous sandwiches can be found at Primanti Bros., where your choice of meat comes between soft slices of white bread with sauerkraut and french fries IN the sandwich. With a bread swap and the right fixins, you can improvise this charcuterie sandwich to mimic a Steel City classic at home.

Winning Recipes for Pittsburgh Steelers Fans:

To honor the Packers of Green Bay, Wisconsin, we had to go with the cheesiest dish we could think of: Fondue! Sure, Jamie Oliver's recipe includes some fancy Gruyere, but there's also a healthy dose of good old Wisconsin Cheddar. Complement the cheese with a couple of other Wisconsin favorites: Bratwurst and beer.

Touchdown-Worthy Recipes for Green Bay Packers Fans:

Fortunately, Emeril has recipes for both pizza camps in the NFL playoffs. Make a hearty pan pizza loaded with toppings to cheer on the Bears and Chicago's deep-dish tradition.

All-Star Recipes for Chicago Bears Fans:
Feast on more game-day menu ideas over on our sister blog, the FN Dish . What football fare are you cooking up this weekend?

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