Celebrating the Anniversary of "The French Chef" TV Premiere

By: Roberto Ferdman

Julia, oh Julia — that big, bright smile and always uplifting can-do attitude have long inspired the inner chefs in all of us.

It's been exactly 48 years since the "The French Chef" first aired on TV in 1963, and we're celebrating with 10 things you may not have known about the queen of French cuisine, Julia Child. Bon Apetit!

10 (Fun) Facts about Julia Child:

• She was tall -- 6'2'' tall -- and played basketball as an undergraduate at Smith college.

• She once worked for the Secret Intelligence division of the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the CIA.

• While filming the Baking with Julia series, she used a whopping 573 pounds of butter.

• The first meal that really got her hooked on French cuisine, was oysters, dry white wine, and roasted duck.

• She cooked the bulk of her meals on her beloved Garland six-burner restaurant stove.

The French Chef is the longest running show on public television.

• Yuck! She cared neither for arugula nor cilantro.

• But she just so happened to love Burger King french fries.

• She starred in 13 different cooking shows and wrote 18 different cookbooks over her illustrious career.

• Her last meal? A simple, yet heart-warming bowl of homemade French onion soup.

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