Craving: Cold Comforts

Butterscotch Crunch Sundae

The temperature outside is below freezing, snow storms hit one right after another, and yet I find myself craving the ultimate cold comfort food, ice cream. No, I don't want to go on a leisurely stroll outside with an ice cream cone melting down my arm. But I do want to curl up at home underneath a blanket with an ice cream sundae in hand or pair a (spiked) milkshake with my meal at my favorite burger joint.

Tonight on United Tastes of America, Jeffrey Saad tracks down today's tastiest ice cream trends that are guaranteed to leave you screaming for more. And we've got some cold comforts to eat while you watch.

Jeffrey starts his exploration of all things ice cream at Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco where he experiences a maple syrup-flavored ice cream made out of mushrooms. He tastes the most intense vanilla ice cream he's ever had at Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream and makes gelato at il laboratorio del gelato in New York City. He pays a visit to The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck for their signature flavor and learns about a frozen Indian dessert that tastes like baklava at Morelli's Ice Cream in Atlanta, GA. And he finishes his ice cream journey with a visit to Smitten Ice Cream, where they make ice cream in 60 seconds.

Whether you are team gelato or team ice cream, United Tastes of America covers it all tonight at 9:30 p.m. EST. And in case you start craving something frozen, here are our top ice cold treats to satisfy:

Emeril's Bananas Foster
"French Toast" Napoleon with Maple Syrup, Pecans and Ice Cream
Kelsey's Salted Caramel Sauce

And go behind the scenes of Van Leeuwen's Artisan Ice Cream with this clip from Unique Eats:

Do you indulge in ice cream in the winter?

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