Enjoy Guilt-Free Cheeseburgers and Onion Rings with Hungry Girl

By: Frank Samperi
When you get a craving for fast food, nothing else will hit the spot! But what if you're trying to watch what you eat? Kinda puts a damper on the fun. Can you ever enjoy American fast-food classics like cheeseburgers, onion rings and apple pie ever again?

Enter Hungry Girl. She remakes these favorites into low-cal, guilt-free recipes you can make yourself.

  • Her Island Insanity Burger packs all flavors you crave in a juicy burger, loaded with toppings.
  • Serve it with a crispy order of Lord of the Onion Rings, super crunchy from an ingredient swap you won't believe!
  • Then Hungry Girl goes all the way with a Baked Apple Pie-let that satisfies every dessert craving you'll ever have.

Plus: Hungry Girl has a survival guide for how to order at your favorite fast food restaurant without breaking the calorie bank.

Catch Think Food...Fast this Saturday at 4pm ET/ 3pm CT.

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