Your Best Oscar-Inspired Dishes

We thought we had some pretty good Oscar+Food puns when we posted earlier this week. But you guys outdid us. Check out your best Oscar-inspired dishes below. Now we're just waiting for someone to actually cook one of these dishes and upload the photo to our Facebook page.

Your Best Oscar-Inspired Dishes
  • Christina Hamrick and Danielle Snyder both liked the idea of Shrimp and True Grits.
  • AndyNY2  offered up BBQ Ribs: 127 Hours in the Slow Cooker.
  • Diana Davis combined two movies to create her Blackened Swan on a bed of True Grits.
  • Jeff Erickson jumped in with two ideas: Joel and Ethan Ice Cream Coen and Jesse Eisenbergers and Fries.
  • Who knew the Social Network was so burger happy? Nina McDermott suggested making Mark Zucker-Burgers.
  • Elisabeth has a whole list of ideas, including Toy S'morey 3, How To Train Your Dragon Roll and The Social Cupcake.
Now that you know what to put on the menu, what movie are you hoping wins Best Picture?

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