One Mega Bite! Food Gets Hi-Tech

By: Frank Samperi

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This Sunday, Mo Rocca double clicks on delicious as Food(ography) explores the food websites, bloggers, and social networking that are changing our culinary mainframe.

Log on to see  bloggers like Matt Armendariz who meticulously style and snap food, a 12 year old culinary prodigy who masters the kitchen and the web, and  internet sensation Hungry Girl, who shares low-cal recipes with 1 million of her closest online friends.

Plus detour down the information superhighway with the wackier side of the World Wide Web as viral video vixens shake up cocktails, and molecular gastro-girl Salty Seattle mixes fashion with food.

Catch it all this Sunday at 9pm ET on Food(ography). Keep reading for more details...


Video vixens Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark started with nothing more than a passion for crazy cocktails, but that's all it took to land them a prime spot on, a hub for tongue-in-cheek web-surfing food people everywhere.

Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark

Try a Dot Calm — their version of the hot toddy — and watch some of our favorite episodes of Drinks with Alie and Georgia:


Rising star Matt Armendariz art directed food shoots for years, but wanted to figure out how to get the perfect food shot all on his own. After four years of diving into the ins and out of food photography and styling, he put his photography, writing and design skills all in one place — his food blog MattBites.

Matt Armendariz with his blueberry muffins.

Matt is a regular contributor here on Cooking Channel's blog, Devour. Read some of his recent posts:


One of's 1.5 million users, Rita logs on as many as five times a day in search of new recipes to cook for her family. Just call her Mom 2.0.  Indian? Moroccan? Thai? It's all there, recipes shared by other users of the site.

Rita found the perfect recipe to use up some leftover wonton wrappers from the previous week. Did you say Lasagna Cupcakes?

Rita has shared many of her own recipes on, and sometimes just added photos to recipes from other users of the site.


Are you hungry? So is Lisa Lillien, a woman whose recipe newsletters sparked an empire. So great was the demand for people seeking low-calorie recipes for their favorite foods, that Lisa's Hungry Girl newsletter circulation has grown to a whopping 1 million plus readers... daily!

Today, Hungry Girl recipes have jumped from online to New York Times bestselling cookbooks, to Hungry Girl TV episodes on Cooking Channel. Sample some of Lisa's most popular recipes:

ETSY'S ONLINE MARKET FOR FOOD has taken everything we once knew about mail-order catalogs and put it all online. With over 400,000 vendors selling everything from handmade crafts to artisan foods, one is bound to find exactly what they're looking for. Etsy has made it easy for people to start their own food businesses and sell their wares to a very large customer base.

Chef Kitty Greenwald from Eatsy (Etsy's food program) makes a chocolate tart with a sweet caramel layer, all from ingredients sold on Etsy:


The latest mobile app, Foodspotting, will figure out where you are, and point you to the best dishes within your vicinity. Over half a million food spotters, from Baltimore to Brussels, share their finds using nothing more than their smart phones.

Foodspotting mobile app and food crawl

Enthusiasts go on food treasure hunts for dishes featuring an ingredient du jour, bringing them to restaurant after restaurant, where the objective is not only to enjoy the meal, but photograph the experience.

All this and more, Sunday at 9pm ET on Food(ography).

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