The Easiest Italian Dessert You’ll Ever Make

I recently had this amazing trifle at Barbuto in NYC, and it was so delicious I decided to make my own version the other night. Easy, and absolutely divine, it's a must try at home.

Here's how to prep one yourself:

Take some pound cake (I just used store bought, because I was lazy!!) and cut it up into pieces. Then toast some coconut shavings and almond slices in a dry non-stick pan on medium heat until golden, letting it cool after.

In a bowl add some sugar to heavy cream and whip up.

In a glass, layer the pound cake and add a light splash of Grand Marnier, a sprinkle of the toasted coconut shavings and almonds, and some whipped cream. Continue to layer with the ingredients until you fill the glass.

If you want to fancy it up you can make and break up some almond brittle and add the pieces to the trifle. Try using my Almond Croccante recipe for the brittle.

Craving more Italian dessert ideas? Check out our Italian sweets gallery for some inspiration.

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