A Season Finale of Love, Happiness and Food!

By: Frank Samperi

The big day is here! Debi and Gabriele renew their wedding vows in the small Tuscan town of Fiesole, Italy, with family and closest friends on Wednesday's season finale of Extra Virgin.

But there's so much to do before the big event...

  • Debi makes fresh pesto from the Corcos family's homemade olive oil.
  • But there's still time for a visit from the family matriarch—Gabriele's grandmother, Nona Lola—and a trip to the local medieval castle with their daughters.

Don't miss any of the fun, the family and the food on the season finale of Extra Virgin, this Wednesday at 10:30pm ET and again on Saturday at 9pm ET.

As the finale approaches, we’re thinking back to our favorite moments:

* Food Trucks and Firing Ranges
* Pizza Ovens and Paparazzi
* Motorcycles and Mozzarella
* Chicken Challenges with Ethel and the whole Clucky Crew!

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Don't miss the Season Finale this Wednesday at 10:30pm ET on Cooking Channel.

And catch up on all the Highlights from the Season.

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