Deviled Eggs Extravaganza

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What should you do with your dyed hard-boiled eggs? Host a Deviled Egg Cook Off, or course! We challenged the Cooking Channel and Food Network digital staffs to just such an event. What creative riff on the deviled egg came away the winner?

Eight people stepped up to participate in the competition, though pretty much everyone in the office showed up to be a taster.

Kristine Brabson did a call out on's Facebook page to see what she should make. " Loaded Deviled Eggs" was the overwhelming choice; who can resist bacon?

Kirsten Vala entered beet-pickled deviled eggs, bringing a bit of color to the competition.

Leora Schachter brought two holidays together with her Passover Eggs, made up of the usual suspects plus  horseradish mayo, kosher dill pickles, and pickle juice.

But in the end, the competition came down to two unique takes on deviled eggs: Deviled Mary Shooter and Curried Deviled Eggs.

Sarah De Heer's Bloody Mary Shooters had all the elements of their namesake drink worked into the dish: tomato juice, celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, and even vodka made it in (layered beneath the filling, so it would soak into the filling).

Michelle Buffardi dressed her deviled eggs up with a touch of curry powder and then topped them off with cilantro and chives.

The two eggs came out even-steven in the vote count: When you have a tie in a deviled egg competition, does that mean there has to be an Egg Off?

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