What Kind of 'Food Person' Are You?

By: Frank Samperi

Cooking Channel is getting a lot more social.

Now you can show everyone what kind of Food Person you are by saving, rating and  reviewing your favorite recipes for everyone to see. This means you'll be able to let everyone know which recipes you've tried, and what substitutions you used to make them your own.  Time to get creative! Call all serious cooks:  We want to hear from you?

Plus, we cooked up some sweet cooking icons for you to choose from on your profile page—see above!

Your new profile page lets you (and everyone else!) see all your Recipe Favorites and Reviews in one place:

Soon, you'll be able to upload your own recipe photos!  (Something we like to think of as icing on our own cake.)

We're excited to open the door on all these fun (and free!) new tools, and we'll be looking to you to kick the tires on, and let us know if you see little kinks that need to be worked out.

So keep your eyes peeled for recipes you want to cook, and start sharing!

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