What Would Your Food Truck Serve?

What could be better than a show devoted entirely to finding the best food trucks and carts around the country? That’s the mission of Cooking Channel’s new show Eat St., premiering Tuesday, April 12th, at 8 p.m. ET. From gourmet grilled cheese in Los Angeles to a schnitzel in NYC, we’re highlighting all the hot spots for street food. Tune in to find out where you need to be noshing next.

We want to know: if you were to open a food truck, what would you serve?

We posed this question and twitter, and here's just a sampling of the responses.

The @ZugarHaus crew said they'd form a dessert truck: "We would offer our shortbreads, sables cookies, marshmallows, cappuccinos & espresso."

@eddiemonsoon would pair wings with fries, "sweet tater and reg fries all seasoned differently."

@Outathyme would serve "waffles in the O.C."

"I'd serve homemade Puerto Rican fritters, Hispanic dishes/desserts, and natural drinks," from @KevinBerrios.

CookerCarolyn would put sloppy joes on wheels: "Sloppy Joe sliders, my Spicy Asian Turkey Joes, Mexi Joes, Traditional Joes, & Almost Fat Free Oven Fries, Cajun or Salty."

What's your food truck theme?
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