Get a Taste of Spain

Meet Annie Sibonney. She's a self-taught chef, expert on Spanish gastronomy and owner of a culinary tour company who's spent the past five years eating her way through Spain in search of the most memorable meals and ethereal culinary pleasures.

Along the way, she's made friends with world-renowned chefs and food critics, wine makers and local characters, all who share a love for celebrating Spanish life through food and wine.

In just a couple weeks, Annie debuts in  a new show on Cooking Channel, From Spain with Love.

What can you expect to see? The rich culinary culture of Spain, for starters. From the food mecca of San Sebastian to the quaint fishing villages of Galicia, the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona to the bustling excitement of Madrid, Annie explores the deep-rooted connection between the land and the farmer, the fisherman and the catch, and the home cook and the chef, across each of Spain's regions.

With a culinary culture that is pushing the boundaries of creativity while still clinging passionately to tradition, there is no more fascinating place in the world of food to be right now than Spain. As Annie eats and cooks her way through Spain, follow along and taste the food and savor each experience with her.

From Spain with Love premieres Saturday, May 28 at 9:30pm ET.

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