Happy Birthday, Cooking Channel!

By: Michelle Buffardi
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It's our first birthday! Cooking Channel is one year old -- can you believe it? We've seen so much in the last 12 months, and yet we're really just getting started. If we live to be a 100-year-old network, we still wouldn't get to meet all the amazing, passionate food people out there. There'd still be a million new recipes to try, dishes to taste and things to learn about food and cooking. So we're as excited about the next 99 years as we are about this last one.

Turning ‘1’ is a pretty big deal, a milestone that should be rewarded with presents, cake and a giant party -- wouldn't you agree? Here's our ultimate birthday wishlist:

  • More feedback from you! Did you know that you can now rate and review Cooking Channel recipes? Let us know what you think about your favorites.
  • Endless 'Food Person' stories (again, from you!) -- are you a locavore, a cheeseball, a baker, a meatlover?
  • Results from the Perfect 3 Contest: In March we asked our fans for their best recipes in 13 categories (like brownies, cookies, burgers and tacos), then you all voted for your favorites among the finalist. The winners have been decided and will be revealed on a new show in July. (A birthday wish come true!)
  • Posts from our super-talented blogger friends: Zoë François, Nealey Dozier, Ana Sofia Pelaez, Matt Armendariz, Corky Pollan and Roberto Santibañez.
  • A tour of Spain with Annie Sibonney: In her new show, From Spain with Love, she'll eat and cook her way through the country in search of memorable meals, culture and tradition in an unforgettable landscape.
  • Lobster. Or maybe some chowder. And a coupla' crawfish. Or even better, a seafood tour along the coast with seafood expert Ben Sargent in his new show Hook, Line, Dinner !
  • New seasons of killer shows like: Kelsey's Essentials, Brunch @ Bobby's and Bitchin' Kitchen.
  • Free frozen treats. For real. The Cooking Channel Treats truck is coming back this year with free frozen treats for all. Check back soon for details and locations!
  • Cake. Will you bake us a cake? Carrot cake, chocolate cake, marble cake, apple cake --  we're not picky, any cake will do. Post a picture on Facebook if you do make one -- we want to see it!
  • And one final wish: to eat our birthday cake, just like this:

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