A Whole Season of Hook, Line & Dinner

Ben Sargent from Cooking Channel's Hook, Line and Dinner

Obsessed seafoodie Ben Sargent returns to Cooking Channel a whole season of Hook, Line & Dinner! Sargent will be setting out on the ultimate coastal road trip as he searches for the best clam shacks, lobster pounds and chowder pots serving up the freshest seafood in New England.

Ben Sargent makes a lobster roll.

You might know Ben better as “Doktor Klaw,” the alter-ego he created to sell lobster rolls out of his apartment in 2010. Unsatisfied with the lobster rolls being sold around NYC, he launched the buzzed-about Underground Lobster Pound to supply demanding customers with his famous lobster rolls. At his peak, Ben sold upwards of 150 lobster rolls in one night.

Ben Sargent

While he won't be divulging his lobster roll secrets on Hook, Line & Dinner, he will be taking you behind the scenes of some of the best seafood joints in America. He joins expert local fishermen who battle the elements each day to bring in a fresh catch for the best seaside kitchens.

In the premiere episode on June 7th at 10:30pm, Ben travels to Bayou County where the cuisine revolves around nature's bounty. His first stop is Bayou Sorrel to meet up with fourth generation fisherman Carey Carline, a dying breed as farm-raised seafood becomes more popular. Then it's off to the restaurant Crazy 'Bout Crawfish where Ben tries his hand at a local favorite, crawfish etouffee!

And catch future episodes of the series as Ben navigates the Miami River in search of spiny lobster, visits New Orleans to cook gumbo with the ‘Queen of Creole Cuisine,’ works up his appetite in San Diego by lending local fisherman a hand during the annual sardine run, and much more.

Until then, take a tour through Ben's trip up the East Coast in the Hook, Line & Dinner special from last fall.

Ben Sargent at Sea

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