Share Your 'Food Person' Story

By: Frank Samperi

Do you love frosting cupcakes?  Does your devotion to a particular brand of hot sauce border on fanaticism?  Maybe you're a creator of festive cheeseball sculptures, like the Easter cheeseball chick pictured above!

You're a Food Person.

We want to know what it is about food that really gets you going, and we want you to show us!

They say  a picture's worth a thousand words.  What picture would say that much about you?  Would it be a picture of your signature cookie creation?  Or maybe a close-up of your herb garden?  Or is it a picture of a bunch of bright red strawberries, straight from the farmers' market?

Maybe it's an old, tattered recipe box, full of cards and clippings you've saved for years! 

Whatever it is, we want to see it!

Here's your chance to really show us what your Food Person story is.

Here's how:
  1. Snap a pic of something that really captures your enthusiasm and excitement for food.
  2. Make sure your pic is brightsharp and not too small.  Horizontal shots work best.
  3. Post it to our Facebook Page.
  4. Add a caption “I'm a Food Person because ___________________.

We'll snag the best looking photos, tack on your profile pic, and feature them in our Food People gallery.

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