The Originals with Emeril

By: Roberto Ferdman

One of the great things about the restaurant industry is that new places are always opening for business. Fresh food and faces pop up on city blocks across the country, and we love to try the new tastes that chefs are continually conceiving.

But what does it take to stay in business for 10 years? Few restaurants make it that far — the restaurant industry is notoriously challenging and the life of a restaurant can run its course pretty quickly. What does it take to stay in business for 20 years? Or 50 years? Or over 100 years?

These are the restaurants that have left an indelible mark on the country's culinary landscape. They've shaped public appetite, and are famous for having not only served, but created many popular drinks and dishes the country enjoys. Every city has its share of cherished institutions that have stood the test of time. Every city has its originals.

In an ode to some of the oldest and most outstanding spots from around the country, Chef Emeril Lagasse pays tribute to the iconic food establishments that have helped shape the country's culinary landscape in the all new Cooking Channel show The Originals with Emeril. Tune in to the premiere this Thursday, May 5th at 10:30pm ET.

Emeril visits a new city in every episode — San Francisco, Dallas, Miami... each with its own history of food — and goes behind the scenes of its historic eateries. From uncovering the birthplace of famous dishes like Boston Cream Pie in New England and the French Dip Sandwich in Los Angeles, to revealing Charlie Chaplin's favorite 1920s Hollywood hangout and Dr. Martin Luther King's preferred Atlanta dining spot, Emeril guides us from the other side of the stove.

Join a fascinating and tasty journey through New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Emeril's beloved New Orleans, beginning this Thursday at 10:30pm ET.

Have an Original in mind?  Tell us where Emeril should visit in future episodes.

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