Beating the Heat with Your Favorite Cooking Channel Recipes

By: Roberto Ferdman
Better Than Citron Press

With temperatures soaring to record highs, Cooking Channel fans have been looking for ways to beat the heat this week. From cool, summer salads to refreshing summer drinks, you've been telling us about your favorite recipes, and your tweaks and substitutions to make these recipes your own.

Hot, summery days call for something sweet and refreshing to cool off, and Laura Calder's Better Than Citron Pressé is just the sip.

"This is wonderful and is so easy... I now keep a jar in my fridge at all times. You can make it to your own sweetness, we have also used sparkling water to give it a little fizz... EXCELLENT." — damianokay

With sweet mango chunks, zingy red onion and baby tomatoes for a bit of acidity, Spice Goddess Bal Arneson's Mango and Baby Tomato Salad is an exercise in balance. Take it along for a picnic, serve it as a side for your next party or enjoy it all by yourself.

"This salad was great and very easy to make. I tripled the recipe and made it for an open house where many in attendance were vegan. It traveled well. It would be great as a meal starter, an entree (add a bed of butter or romaine lettuce), or as a side dish. I did not add mint because I did not have any. I don't think it was missed. I will definitely make again." — v-more in Baltimore, MD

Nigella Lawson's New Orleans Coleslaw is all about feeling comfortable on a hot summer day. It's beaming with brightly colored crunchy veggies and light on the mayo so won't have to hit the sack when you're done.

"This is THE best coleslaw recipe I have tried. Brought it to a work event and it was a total hit. Used regular cabbage, added a dash of red pepper flakes. This was truly a side of yum! Thanks Nigella!" — a side of yum

Gabriele and Debi's Caprese Di Farro has won a whole bowl's-worth of praise:

"Great Recipe. You are getting the taste and texture of an ancient grain plus tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, etc. Fast to make and very filling. We have made it 3 times, each with a little different ingredients. This last time we made it with some prime canned Albacore in oil and it was the main dish. Awesome!" — tmaxster from Los Angeles, CA

Bal's Mango Kulfi — an Indian yogurt ice cream, flavored with cardamom, fennel seeds and pistachio — is a fresh way to cool down on warm summer evenings.

"I am Indian so I know good mango kulfi. This is a lighter version of the real thing. I thought it was great. I made my own vanilla yogurt which added some more flavor. Served it at a party. Everyone enjoyed it even people that do not like yogurt." — sanjib.sarkar from Charlotte, NC

We're always looking to hear from you about what Cooking Channel recipes you’re cooking up, so keep on sharing.

More cool recipes for the summer:

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