New Show: The Perfect 3 (Plus Contest Winners!)

Who makes the best burger? What is the ultimate chili recipe? Find out on Cooking Channel's new show The Perfect 3. We reached into our archives to find the best variations on recipes in 13 categories: cookies, brownies, pies, burgers, tacos, sandwiches, pancakes, salads, hot and spicy chili, cakes, potatoes, chicken and exotic dishes.

From Kelsey's perfect roast chicken to Emeril's kicked-up tuna melt, tune in for the top recipes from favorite Cooking Channel chefs. And, as an added bonus, we reached out to our fans for their take on each category. Find out who won!

From a brisket sandwich with a secret ingredient to cookies that inspire marriage proposals, you're sure to find a new favorite.

Brownies Winner: Teresa Ralston

We couldn't resist Teresa Ralston's recipe for dark chocolate brownies. A little espresso added to the batter gives them a kick, but it's the rich frosting on top that makes them irresistible.

Runner-Up Recipes

Burgers Winner: Nate Bedford

From the homemade BBQ sauce to the addition of coriander in the beef (not to mention the bacon and Thousand Island dressing), Nate Bedford's burger recipe is loaded with flavor. We had to declare it the best!

Runner-Up Recipes
Cakes Winner: Sara A. Hodgson

Sara based her winning cake recipe off of a childhood favorite, chocolate-covered bananas. Banana cake is studded with chocolate chips, layered with a chocolate hazelnut spread, and then topped off with whipped cream cheese frosting. Heavenly!

Runner-Up Recipes
Chicken Winner: Tracy Shipman

Tracy Shipman's winning enchilada recipe has the perfect amount of heat, and the sauce that goes with is irresistible.

Runner-Up Recipes
Hot and Spicy Chili Winner: Vanessa Chavez

The secret ingredient in Vanessa Chavez's winning chili recipe? A bottle of beer. While the chili is ready in just over an hour, it tastes like it's been simmering away all day.

Runner-Up Recipes
Cookies Winner: Melissa Stadler

It's no joke: Melissa Stadler's cookies have been known to cause a marriage proposal or two. And it's no wonder. These cookies feature two types of chocolate chips, plus oatmeal and just a hint of cinnamon in the dough.

Runner-Up Recipes
Exotic Dishes: Christa Haggai

We were won over by Christa Haggai's authentic recipe for Lebanese stuffed grape leaves. Give them a try yourself; they're perfect for a small plates party.

Runner-Up Recipes
Pancakes Winner: Lauren Beth Walker

Jalapenos add heat to Lauren Beth Walker's winning corn cake recipe. Serve in pancake form for breakfast, or cook the batter in a skillet for a dinnertime side.

Runner-Up Recipes
Pies Winner: Lorie Roach

Coconut lovers will go crazy for Lorie Roach's winning pie recipe: It features coconut flavor four ways.

Runner-Up Recipes
Potatoes Winner: Joanne Maurer Ozug

Caramelized leeks and bacon give Joanne Maurer Ozug's winning recipe for stuffed puff pastry layers of flavor.

Runner-Up Recipes
Salads Winner: Laura A. Lufkin

Laura Lufkin's vinaigrette recipe does double duty in her winning salad: It marinates the pork and serves as the salad dressing.

Runner-Up Recipes
Sandwich Winner: Candy Kosow Gold

The secret to Candy Gold's sandwich is the addition of gingersnaps while cooking the brisket. The cookies help thicken the sauce and add a touch of sweetness to the final dish.

Runner-Up Recipes
Tacos Winner: Dawn Richards

Dawn Richards pairs her recipe for grilled steak tacos with a chipotle cream and chimichurri. All that's missing is an ice cold margarita.

Runner-Up Recipes

Tune into the The Perfect 3 Saturdays at 4 p.m. ET. First up, find out who makes the perfect cake.

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