Fan Favorite Recipes for Fresh Summer Produce

By: Roberto Ferdman

This time of year, there's tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to put to use. Whether it's blueberries, heirlooms, corn, squash or eggplants you crave, we've got recipes galore to get you going. From Bal Anerson's Zucchini Paneer to Kelsey's Cucumber, Meyer Lemon and Lavender Granita, we couldn't help but notice how Cooking Channel Fans have been keeping up to date with the summer's freshest bounty. With all the great reviews, twists and tweaks piling up, we're back for another call out to the ones that caught our attention.

Light and summery, Giada's Grilled Eggplant and Goat Cheese Salad (above) comes to life with fresh basil and mint, and crunch pine nuts.

"YUM... a super easy/fast recipe with intense flavor. I used an herb-garlic goat cheese -- it's what we had in the fridge. My wife loved it. I loved it. I'd make this for guests. Thanks Giada!!!" — digrst in Southern California

Corn is smack in the middle of its peak season and what better way to celebrate than with Kelsey's Pan Seared Pacific Cod with Cilantro Vinaigrette and Creamed Corn? It's brimming with fresh flavors, and balanced out with a bit of cream for comfort.

"I cannot say enough good things about this dish. The creamed corn was luscious and sweet and savory, and the cod was ridiculously good! I have never made cod, and it was a HUGE hit at the birthday dinner I prepared. The perfect accent was the cilantro vinaigrette which was so bright and fresh. I did make some adjustments to the dressing included adding lime juice to get more citrus flavor. This was the PERFECT summertime dish..." — mrsfussypants in Chicago

If you're feeling like something a bit more filling, you can't go wrong with  Bittman's Paella with Tomatoes. Parsley, saffron and Spanish pimenton help spice it up, but adding your own twist is always welcome.

"I have never made Paella before. Mark's was easy and delicious. I added roasted peppers and olives. It was a big hit. Thanks Mark, watch your show all the time. Keep up the good work." — arizgambler_12979139 in Mesa

There's nothing like cooling off on a hot summer day, and Kelsey's Cucumber, Meyer Lemon and Lavender Granitas are sure to do the trick. Fresh cukes, zingy lemon juice and lavender: munching on ice never tasted this good. Just ask this fan:

"I made this version of your Granita today, and my goodness. There were many aspects of this dish that I felt were brilliant. First was the simplicity in preparation. No clunky small appliances, no fuss, just down to earth goodness. The lavender just made the whole thing burst into clean, simplistically delicate grown-up snow cones. It's over a hundred degrees here, and as you can probably imagine, and they were a hit with my family. Go ahead, give it a try. Say goodbye, and good riddance to that high fructose corn syrup-peddling snow cone stand." — VintageFairy in Rural Texas

We’re always looking to hear from you about what Cooking Channel recipes you’re cooking up, so keep on sharing.

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