Grill Your Way Around the Globe

By: Lindsay Damast
There’s something about grilling – firing up some coals or igniting the gas, popping open a bottle of beer and throwing meat on the grates – that makes us think about all-American burgers, dogs and simply grilled steaks. But grilling (whether over an open flame or on a griddle or grill pan) is a cooking technique adopted worldwide, so why not shake up your routine by incorporating ingredients from across the globe into your next barbecue?

Chicken, beef, pork, seafood and even burgers need little more than fresh herbs and, occasionally, special sauces to become global fare. A good marinade, for example, such as the Yuzu-Miso marinade featured in the pork chop recipe above, can transform ordinary pork chops into a feast from the Far East. (Worried you’ll stock up on bottles of exotic sauces that’ll never again be used? Our By the Book writer proves a few Japanese sauces go a long way, so fret not.)

When planning your internationally-inspired meal, you may even find that you already have all the necessary ingredients on hand, and that by simply combining spices and liquids in a new way, your entrée can take on a global identity. By marinating shrimp in familiar paprika, cumin, garlic and lime juice, grilled shrimp kebabs become Spanish Pinchos de Gambas.

Hungry for more exotic grilling ideas? Check out our gallery of 25 Global Grilling Recipes, and travel to Vietnam, Greece, Mexico, India, France, China and Italy from within your own backyard.

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