20,000 Hot Reasons to Consider a Culinary Career

By: Kevin Bender
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At his restaurant The Grey Plume in Omaha, Nebraska, Clayton Chapman is living his dream. Chapman graduated in 2006 from The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago with an Associates degree in Culinary Arts, and is garnering national attention for his inspired food.  He recently picked up a Trailblazing Chefs Award from Cooking Light along with Grant Achatz and Marcus Samuelsson.  Oh – and he’s 25.

Always down for meeting new chefs, we connected with Clayton about his rising culinary star – still fairly fresh out of The Art Institute and Tru Restaurant in Chicago.

Culinary Style
  • My style is seasonal, locally-driven, contemporary new-American cuisine.
  • We start with great ingredients and highlight them through multiple variations of one specific item in different textures and cooking techniques.
Tomato Love
  • In the dish ‘Tomato…Many Ways,’ I combine a tomato crudo, tomato concassé with onion and garlic, a raw tomato topped simply with coarse sea salt, tomato gelée, smoked tomato mouse, tomato foam, homemade truffled buttermilk ricotta, and a basil marshmallow.
  • Tomato tips: The best tomatoes will be firm yet supple, be completely red – no green at the top – and should have a smooth skin, free of cracks.

Thoughts on The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes

  • Beyond the fundamentals, I learned how a professional kitchen operates which helped me establish myself in the industry so quickly
  • I not only learned culinary techniques, but I learned the practical, like how to cost a menu, control payroll and run nutritional analysis on a menu
  • Putting the name of the school on my resume alone has helped me get my foot in the door of most establishments

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