Cooking Channel Fans Ben and Jerry's Flavor Wish List

By: Roberto Ferdman

Remember the old Saturday Night Live skit with Alex Baldwin, the one where he's a baker named Pete Schweddy and he's on national public radio? Ben & Jerry's certainly does. A few weeks ago, ice cream sir-mix-a-lots Ben & Jerry's released a new, fun and kind of naughty flavor. And it's appropriately (or no so appropriately?) called Schweddy Balls.

The new flavor features vanilla ice cream, hints of rum and loads of fudge and rum-covered malt balls. Sounds pretty great, right? But what if you (yes, you) could create your own wacky ice cream flavor? We posed the question to Cooking Channel fans and fielded a Vermonster's worth of answers. Some we're hoping make it onto the B&J roster, while others... well, let's just say we aren't exactly lining up to try them.

The Good:

1. Bitchin Kitchen Sink from Christopher in New Jersey

A shout-out to Nadia G. and all her crazy kitchen antics caught our eye, but when it came down to it the ingredients are what truly tickled our fancy. Maple syrup, brown sugar and a kick of cayenne pepper-coated walnuts — TSAKETA! We'd already be three pints deep.

2. Peppermint Patty from Judith in California

As far as childhood chocolates go, these were a classic. Peppermint candy sticks, chocolate chips and vanilla ice cream? Bring it on.

3. Campfire Cool Down from Morgan in New York

Ok, so Ben and Jerry's already has a S'mores flavor, but Campfire Cool Down incorporates dark chocolate, which we're suckers for over here at Cooking Channel headquarters. Plus, it doesn't hurt that we really dig the name.

4. Just For the Halvah of It from Renee in Pennsylvania

Clever and creative, it's easily the best name we came across. Halvah, which literally means "sweet" in Arabic, plays nicely off the creaminess of ice cream, and toasted pistachios are always a plus. We'd be more than happy to pull open the freezer door and find a pint of this Middle Eastern-inspired ice cream flavor.

5. Cherry Bomb from Brandon in Texas

Combining sweet and savory is all the fad these days, but spicy and sweet? Say hello to our little friend... chipotle chocolate ice cream, sweet cherries and brownie swirl. Ay ay ay!

The Bad:
6. Jagermeister

Jersey shore references aside, Jager-flavored ice cream just doesn't do it for us. Licorice maybe, but Jager? Fuggedaboutit!

7. Eggs Benedict

Egg custard ice cream, candied ham bits and sweet croissant nuggets offer up a clever twist on the royal breakfast dish, but picturing a soft poached egg while eating ice cream made this one a bit harder to swallow than we would have liked.

The Ugly:
8. Fish & Chips Batter

"Newfoundland fresh cod, thick and meaty on the inside, batter on the outside," sure, but in ice cream!? Sounds a bit dodgy if you ask us, not to mention the soggy situation that would likely ensue. Better off sticking to Tyler Florence's take on the classic.

9. Smoke BBQ Ribs and Steak
This must have been a joke. It must have been, right?
10. White Castle Dreams

Don't get us wrong, their shakes are good - dangerously so, even - but serving up pints of vanilla ice cream with french fry pieces can mean one thing and one thing only: french fry mush.

Craving ice cream? We've got you covered:

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