Could You Pack Your Lunch Every Day for a Month?

By: Victoria Phillips

Do you bring your lunch or buy it? Restaurant and take-out lunches can add up pretty quickly, and come with extra fat, salt and calories. Packing your own lunch and snacks can save some money and give you more control over what you're eating.

That's why Food Network's Healthy Eats is challenging you to bring your lunch to work (or school) each workday for an entire month! The Brown-Bag Challenge starts today, and the goal is to eat a home-packed lunch every weekday in September. For some, that means thinking ahead and packing a frozen meal and for others, that means baking homemade bread for sandwiches. Whatever your level, we won’t judge, the important thing is to plan ahead so you have more control.

Think you can do it?

But just because you're packing a lunch doesn't mean you can't travel in style. Throughout the challenge, Cooking Channel will be sharing new lunch tote ideas and where to find them.

Our first pick is the "Nicole" lunch bag from KOKO.

You've got lots of room for lunch with this pretty number. Its magnetic snap and drawstring closure keeps everything insulated and in its proper place. Whether you like it embroidered with a flower, or plain and simple, the bag wipes clean in no time.

Need a lunch recipe to get started? Try Ellie's Curried Chicken Salad recipe .

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