Oktoberfest: Bring on the Beer

By: Victoria Phillips

Bust out your lederhosen and beer gut: It's Oktoberfest time! More than 5 million people attend the beer festivities in Munich, Germany, which last from the end of September to the first weekend in October. (September 17 to October 3 to be exact.) Whether you’re headed across the globe, or just plan to have a celebration stateside,  we've got the recipes and phrases to add some authenticity to your party.

Key Oktoberfest Phrases
  • Prost! [prohst] -- Cheers!
  • Noch ein Bier, bitte. [nokh eyn beer bee-teh] -- Another beer, please. (Maybe the most important phrase of all. Practice this one!)
  • Die nächste Runde zahlen Sie! [dee nekh-steh roon-deh tsah-lehn see] -- Next round is on him/her!
  • Halt deine Lederhosen fest! [hahlt dey-neh leh-dehr-hoh sehn fest] -- Hold onto your Lederhosen!
Recipes for Oktoberfest

With all that drinking that goes on for Oktoberfest, food is a must. We've rounded up some Oktoberfest favorites, plus some new twists to help you stayed full.

  • Wurst: No German meal is complete without a wurst of some kind. Make Michael Symon’s version of Bratwurst Stewed with Sauerkraut. Serve it on a baguette to savor all of the juicy flavor.
  • Meat-Heavy Dishes: Roast pork, half chickens and other meat-centric mains can all be found at Oktoberfest tents. Recreate the dishes (with a twist) in your own home with Rachael's Slow-Cooked Pork Roast and Roast Chicken Dinner.

Do you join in Oktoberfest festivities?
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