A Pan Am–Inspired Meal

By: Victoria Phillips

Pan Am, ABC’s new drama series, takes off every Sunday night, sending more than 11 million viewers back to the 1960’s. Not only were in-flight meals more than a measly packet of peanuts way back when, but stewardesses also catered to the whims of first class passengers. Dishes like prime rib, lobster thermador, lamb curry and stuffed duck graced the plates of high-flying guests.

According to a recent interview, Anke Bode, a Pan Am stewardess from 1967–1986, verified "all those ice cold cocktails and delicious looking entrées were in fact standard on any and all Pan Am flights, especially those that traveled around the world."

These days you won’t find extravagant entrees high in the sky, but who says you can’t pretend? Make them at home for a Pan Am-inspired feast.

Prime Rib:  For a decadent meal bursting with garlic and rosemary flavor, try Michael Chiarello’s Grilled Prime Rib. Serve grilled and seasoned lemons alongside the steak for an extra kick. Or slow-cook Tyler Florence’s Horseradish and Garlic Prime Rib for nearly three hours. Once your done, use the rich juice to season a side of wild mushrooms.

Lobster Thermidor:  Try Emeril’s take on this French classic. It’s so creamy and rich, we’ll be surprised if you don’t melt right on the spot. Lobster and a Bechamel sauce — made with white wine and lots of cheese — are mixed together and cooked in the lobster tail shells.

Shrimp:  Kelsey Nixon’s Grilled Garlic Shrimp with Romesco Sauce is perfect for sharing, or jazz it up with Ingrid Hoffman’s boozy Brandied Shrimp that’s stirred in Worcestershire and hot sauce.

Lamb Curry:  Make Bal Arneson’s popular Once A Month Lamb Curry. Cumin seeds, garam masala and green chiles give this lamb authentic flavor while it simmers for hours.

lamb curry
What fancy dishes would you most enjoy while lounging in first class?

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