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Lynn Crawford from Pitchin' In
What happens when you lose your passion for your life's work?  How do you get it back?

If you're Chef Lynn Crawford, you go back to the basics and rediscover what it is you love about food. On Cooking Channel's newest series, Pitchin' In, Lynn takes a break from the restaurant world and tracks down the source of her favorite ingredients.

Each of her far-flung adventures leads her to different places -- farms, on fishing boats or cranberry bogs -- and each destination becomes the inspiration and source for an epic feast at the end of each episode.

In this week's premiere episode, Lynn travels to Prescott County in Ontario to pitch in on a sheep farm. Andrew, the shepherd, comes from generation after generation of shepherds. He knows his way around a sheep, and he'll share his expertise with Lynn. Tune in as he teaches Lynn how to shear a sheep, tag a lamb and clip their hooves. She'll get down and dirty on the farm, and the experience will give her a chance to reconnect with where ingredients in her kitchen come from.

Chef Lynn Crawford of Cooking Channel's Pitchin' In

Photo by: Jakub Psuty ©Kubalistic Productions Inc.

Jakub Psuty, Kubalistic Productions Inc.

With a new appreciation for life on a sheep farm, Lynn heads into the kitchen and prepares a feast for Andrew and his wife Jennifer with lamb as the centerpiece.

Catch Pitchin' In Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. on Cooking Channel and get inspired by food again.

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To survive in the kitchen requires a mix of tenacity and a lack of fear. Pegged as Canada AND rsquo;s Top Female Chef Lynn Crawford marries the characteristics together in perfect harmony.

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