Pix Potluck: Cooking Channel Fans Baking for Fall

By: Frank Samperi

You've been sharing your Fall Baking projects, and we couldn't be happier. The beauty above is a Seckel pear tart with almond-Meyer lemon frangipane on whole wheat pastry crust, as shared by The Food Diva in Austin, TX.  Dee-lish.

And how good does the Banana Bread Pudding below look? The Southern Lady Cooks tops it with a rum sauce — they certainly know how to do things in the South...

This Three-Cheese Pie from Yury Shteyn also caught our eye. We want the recipe!

Finally, I'm not sure if it's fall baking per se, but I seriously doubt anyone could resist a slice of this  S'mores Pie from Bobby's Kitchen:

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