Taste the Caribbean with Chef Gavin Kearney

By: Roberto Ferdman

With long hair, groovy Rastafarian hats and his laid back Caribbean vibe, Chef Gavin Kearney knows how to play it cool.  But when he's hired to cater a homecoming bash for locals Colin and Barbara Reeve and their daughter Tammi, it's time to turn up the heat. To find inspiration, Gavin travels all over his native St. Thomas, learning from organic farms, legendary Frenchtown fish markets, one-woman "Frenchie" style bakeries, and a luxury restaurant on a historical sugar mill plantation. Showcasing everything he learned along the way, Chef Gavin brings his new culinary tools to the table of the extravagant dinner at the Reeve's Villa, exceeding even Tammi's lofty expectations.

Don't miss out on Chef Gavin's island adventures and exotic recipes today at 1:30pm ET on Caribbean Vibes with Chef Gavin.

Interesting characters are abound when Chef Gavin travels St. Thomas.

And did we mention there will be platefuls of mouth-watering Caribbean food, like the conch ceviche pictured above?

Catch Caribbean Vibes with Chef Gavin today at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Recipes From the Show

For more Caribbean dishes, check out these recipes from Caribbean Food Made Easy:

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